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can YOU keep up? :b




so…a quarter of a year has gone by since i’ve last touched this blog.

i guess i’ve always had commitment issues.

a lot has happened, many good things. ^_^

even though i left davis earlier than most other students, i think i’ve learned more things by experiencing than by sitting through unfathomable lectures. i’m living life up the way it should be lived :)

roadtripping down to LA for edc, then roadtripping to vegas, then roadtripping to sandiego to board a 4 day cruise to cabo san lucos to atv! and then flying back to san jose.

plus, took another trip to vegas this past weekend & watched the meteor shower tonight!

so much has happened in the last quarter of a year that can’t possibly be written down, and most of them good things ^_^ (shoutout to all those good friends, you know who you are…thanks & i’m grateful beyond words for all the help/support/time you guys have provided <3)

update some other time!

good night/early morning kiddos. i’m getting some shut eye.

slumberland ahoy!-



happy holidaze :]

it’s that day of the year again. i’m not personally partaking in this years “holiday” but i figured a post to tribute today would do. aside from the unbearable heat, midterms week, and my detoxing in order to get a job T_T, 420 this year just seems quite inconvenient. i’m not sure what it is, but i’m not alone when it comes to thinking that each year, fewer and fewer people are celebrating. i’m assuming part of it is because i’m “growing up”, and everyone around me has come to a point where other priorities, such as school and work, come first. nevertheless, we all still celebrate in spirit :]

green means go. 

wake & bake anyone? ^_^ 

over 8 billion rolled.  LOL…i could go for some chicken mcnuggets though. :B

munchies much? xD

there were actually quite some kids left studying today for midterms week… hehh.

educate yourself :b

i was never really interested in geography or intl relations, 

but this was an interesting find :)

currently i smoke camel crushes…but…blend 420? D:

that’s in pounds. 

wallpapers/ miscellaneous images:


& in case you haven’t had any edibles yet & need a quick fix…


HAPPY 420 everyone :]


i partied too harded

over spring break. end result=pneumonia.

so now i’m hopped up on 6 different meds. & since i have nothing better to do while i ”rest” in bed and take it easy, i’ve decided to start another blog. one that i will try my best to commit to. which probably will mean an entry every week, if anything. this blog will tell no lies, meaning it will contain explicit content & is NOT meant for the faint of heart. i am not for the faint of heart. 

anyways, for those of you reading this that may not know me, i’ll give you guys a very brief background as to who i am.

i recently turned 19. i was born & raised in sunny socal, but now i reside in norcal for school. i’m a lambda lil sis and i love it, but i party more so outside of the frat. i’m kind of a really bad lil` since i don’t come out for some events ):  i’m pretty sure i have minor ADD and i’m really clumsy. like walking into inanimate objects clumsy T_T i live every day like it were my last, and with good reason. most people that know me tell me that at the rate i’m going, i probably won’t live past 35, 40 if i’m lucky. don’t get me wrong, it’s not like i’m hurting myself intentionally, but you could say that i engage in some….”extracurricular activities” that are somewhat detrimental to the body. i’ll get into more details about these “activities” as they come…

but yeah, i guess this blog is going to be an insight into my life. it’s a good way to keep track of what i’m doing, because believe me, it’s hard to remember what or where i spend my nights doing. i’m not going to sugarcoat anything, everything written here is going to be fresh & RAW. nothing but the truth. of course i might leave out some details, but everything is REAL. now, the question is, can you keep up? :b

i just popped another 2 vicodin. the night is young. i’ve came back from a lambda rush event. we’ve got about 10 rushees, many with great potential. i even met one from my childhood area! to be honest i found it hard to mix and mingle with no alcohol! ): so i ended up sitting on the couch most of the time. my big bro noticed and took me back home ^_^ i yakked once i got back to the dorm, possibly from dinner from the DC & the mix of meds. now i’m ready to go to a PAPhi party. wooo~

tell you how that goes later! ^_^